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MCQs q 6 is r h ombus 1 in lengtn oght onglc, onc Ano opposite sides arc I length, The of a square are Ofequal length. All the ofa The opposite sides ofa trapezium parallel. ial rectangle. A can be thought special parallelogram. (iii) A square can be thought of as a special rhombus. Squars. rectangles. parallelograms are all quadrilaterals. (v) Square is also a parallelogram. 6, A quadrilateral Whose diagonals are equal and bisect each at right a A has all sides equal. Which ofthC following is not a (d) Trapezium for the photo-frame? Y A figure is said to be regular, ifits sides equal in length and angles are equal in you identify the regular quadrilateral? (d) Rectangle. (a) Parallelogram (b) Rhombus (c) Square Which quadrilateral is not a parallelogram? (d) Rhombus (a) Rectangle (b) Trapezium (c) Square Vhe diagonal ofthis quadrilateral divides it into two isosceles right triangles. Name

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The diagonals are perpendicular bisectors when all sides of a quadrilateral are equalSo, Rhombus and square are the quadrilaterls that have their sides equalAlso, The diagonals of a quadrilateral are equal if its all the angles are equalSo, Square have all its angle equal.So, the quadrilateral whode diagonal are equal and bisect each other at right angles is squareHence, option d is correct


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