Meaning of Boisterous.Frame it in a sentence.

'Boisterous' means 'noisy, energetic and cheerful'.
Tom Sawyer was a boisterous lad.

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It means when someone gets to happy when they have done even a small job. E .g - Aunt Petunia `s son Dudley is a boisterous boy .
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1) It means noisy, energetic and cheerful
Synonyms are : Lively, active, bouncy, frisky, excited, unruly, wild, uncontrolled etc.
2) ( of weather or water) wild or stormy
Synonyms are : Blustery, gusty, breezy, windy, rough etc.
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when someone get in a small work eg my brother is boisterous
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'Boisterous' means- noisy, active and cheerful
Eg-  That child's boisterous has irritated the whole family.
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  • 1. (of a person, event, or behavior) noisy, energetic, and cheerful; rowdy: "the boisterous conviviality associated with taverns of that period" synonyms: lively, animated, exuberant, spirited, rambunctious, rowdy, unruly, wild, uproarious, unrestrained, undisciplined, uninhibited, uncontrolled, rough, disorderly, riotous, knockabout, noisy, loud, clamorous
  • ▪ (of wind, weather, or water) wild or stormy: "the boisterous wind was lulled" synonyms: blustery, gusty, windy, stormy, wild, squally, tempestuous, howling, roaring, blowy
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I do not know.

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