Meaning of nought

 As I rephrase my answer, nought has several meanings, so I will provide you with all of them (including the obsolete ones as well)


• nothing
• a cipher (0); zero


• lost; ruined
• archaic; worthless or useless
• obsolete; morally bad or wicked.


• obsolete; not.


• come to naught: to come to be nothing; be without result, fail.
• set at naught: to regard or treat as of no importance, disdain.

The reason I included the definitions which are no longer in use is as this word is most relevant in terms of the old definitions in poetry or old literature.

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Nought refers to the number zero (0), nil or nothing.
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The word nought has two meanings.One...something of no value amd the other means complete failure..hope helped.
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the digit 0 or it is also the variant spelling of naughty
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