A pulley-block arrangement is shown in the adjacent figure, if accelerations of m1, m2 and m3 are a1, a2 and a3 respectively, then relation between a1, a2 and a3 is ( all strings and pulleys are ideal.)

(A) a2 - a3 + 10a1 =0
            ​(B) a3-a2+10a1 =0
(C) a2-2a3+10a1 =0              ​(d) 2a2 + a3 + 5a1 =0

Dear student,As the direction of accleration for mass 1 and 3 are in same direction, also the accleration of mass 2is in opposite direction.So the relation between these two must have a1 and a3 with same sign and a2 with opposite sign.After checking all the options it is only option (B) which is satisfying the condition.Right option is (B).Regards

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