Mention 10 important rivers in India mentioning their source and ending? 

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1. Some of the important rivers , their sources and ending are :

a. Ganges: It starts from Gangotri glacier and ends into Bay of Bengal
b. Indus is one of main Himalayan rivers, originating from Tibet and merges into Arabian sea
c. Brahmaputra Oroginates from Angsi glacier and empties into Bay of Bengal
d. Yamuna starts from Yamnotri glacier and merges with Ganges in Allahabad
The Narmada river rises in the Amarkantak hills in MP. and empties into Arabian sea through gulf of Khnabhat
f. Tapi river rises in the Satpura ranges in MP , and empties into Arabian sea
g. Kaveri river rises in Western Ghats and reaches Bay of Bengal.

h. Koshi river originates from Sunkosi from Saptakoshi and merges with the Ganges
i. Beas, originates from Beas kund Himalayas and flows into Satluj river, Punjab
j. Satluj , its source is Lake Rakshastel and merges with Chenab
k. Mahanadi, The river rises in the highlands of Chattisgarh ends in Odisha.



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