Mention any three adaptations in plants to foster the process of absorbing of water?

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Adaptations in plants to increase the process of absorption of water are as follows:
1. Root hairs are present that absorb water and minerals ions from the soil. The root hairs have a large surface area which increases the absorption of water significantly.
2. In xeric plants, tap roots are present that penetrate deep into the ground to increase the absorption of water.
3. Water is retained by xeric plants by making the stem thick and fleshy. This prevents the loss of water that has been absorbed.

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The ability of any plant to keep its tissues turgid depends on a balance between the external relationships of water uptake and water loss, as well as on the internal osmoregulation of the plant cells. Water uptake from the soil, especially in deserts, is a crucial function of every root system and largely determines the water status of the shoot. The most obvious starting point for research in such a case is to examine whether drought-tolerant plants have any special means of obtaining water that are denied to drought-sensitive species. The root systems of desert perennials have particular characteristics and adaptations that favour water absorption from as large a volume of soil as possible
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