mention briefly the articles of accusation against gulliver for treason and other crimes in 100-120 words

Gulliver's friend, a considerable person at court came without giving his name, privately at night. He informed Gulliver of the impeachment and the plan against his death.


Article 1: That whoever shall make water within the precincts of the royal palace, shall be liable to the pains and penalties of high treason.
Gulliver , however, did this to save the royal chambers from fire.

Article 2: Gulliver had brought the imperial fleet of Blefuscu into the royal port, and later denied the emperor's orders of captivating them to annex Lilliput. Thus making him a traitor.

Gulliver did not want to be party to the emperor's greed. He believed in freedom of people and did not wish to enslave the Blefuscudians.

Article 3. When Blefuscudians came to make peace with the emperor of Lilliput, He amused and diverted them. This behaviour was against the ethics of the court, as the guests were former enemies and are servants to the king.

Gulliver here only behaves courteously, he served the guests. Further, he is not a character of violent temperament, If he were so, he would have crushed the Lilliputians. Gulliver's behaviour with Lilliputians and Blefuscudians is polite and courteous.

Article 4: He has decided to visit Blefuscu on an invitation for which he received only an oral grant by the emperor. The purpose of visit is presented to be of political nature. Gulliver is accused of intention to war against Lilliput and favour Blefuscudians.

Gulliver, on the contrary wishes to visit Blefuscu for pleasure and wishes to go home and free himself.

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