mention different kinds of equality

There are three different kinds of equality:-

1.POLITICAL EQUALITY -- It is the most basic form of equality. It means that all the people of a country will be treated as EQUALS. Political equlaity gives political and legal rights to citizens.
But political and legal rights are not sufficient to make an egalitarian society but it is considered as the important component of it.

2.SOCIAL EQUALITY-- There are lot of social inequalities in any society.Social equality must aim to minimize the impacts of social inequality. This will happen if the govt.provides facilities for all the sections of the society.

3.ECONOMIC EQUALITY-- It exists in a society if there are significant differences in wealth,property between individuals and classes.
One way of measuring the degree of economic inequality in a society would be to measure the relative difference between the richest and poorest groups. Another way could be to estimate the number of people who live below poverty line.

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