• mention the changes that occur in a flower after fertilization ?
  • what happens to cotyledons during hypogeal germination ?
  • write the demerits of vegetative propagation ?
  • define gynoecium ?

Please ask the question as separate threads, here is the answer to the first question.

After fertilizations both external and internal changes happens. After fertilization the sepals, petals and stamens falls off there by leaving the ovary behind which later develops into fruit.
Some of the changes observed are;
  • The zygote which is the result of fertilization develops into embryo.
  • The embryo undergoes mitotic division and forms the multicellular embryo.
  • The endosperm nucleus also undergoes series of division and forms the endosperm.
  • The endosperm is formed which act as a nutritive layer. 
  • The ovules transforms into seed and ovary to fruit.‚Äč
  • During the fruit formation, the integument of the ovule become the testa or the seed coat of the seed.

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