Mention the function of each of the following:
(i) Tassels of corn-cob
(ii) Mitochondria in sperm 
(iii) Tapetum in the microsporangium ( No links please )

Dear student,
i) Tassels of corn cob is the male part of the corn which releases pollen which is pollinated by wind to female stigma for fertilization.
ii) Mitochondria in sperm provides energy for the sperm motility.
iii) Tapetum provides various nutrient for the development of pollen grain during microsporogenesis.


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1. Tassels are stigma and styles - they help in trapping pollen grains
2. Mitochondria provide energy to the sperm so that it can move through tail in female uriginary tract.
3. Tapetum provides nutrition to the pollen grains
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