Mention the number of primers required in each cycle of polymerase chain reaction. Write the role of primers and DNA polymerase in PCR.

In Polymerase chain reaction, multiple copies of required gene or DNA are synthesised. It is actually, in vitro method of amplification of desired DNA sequence. 
Two sets of primers are required in each cycle.

Role of primers and enzyme DNA polymerase-  Primers are chemically synthesised small fragment of DNA, that is complementary to the target region of DNA. In PCR primers are required to direct replication towards each other.
Enzyme extend one primer that become template for the other, which ultimately lead to the exponential increase of the target or desired DNA sequence.

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no. of primers required for each cycle of polymerase chain reaction is 2 ( at 3' end of both the dna strands).

role of primers: they are single stranded dna having 10 - 18 nucleotides and attach at the 3' end of both the dna strands. it marks the starting of extension.

role of dna polymerase: a special type of dna polymerase called taq polymerase is used. as this can withstand very high temperature. it helps in extension of primers to form complete strands.

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