Merit nation, please send me all the exact and accurate courses of SAII grammar and writing immedietly. I have to prepare for Board exam.

The syllabus for SA II (English Communicative) is as follows:

SECTION B: WRITING    [25 Marks]
The writing section comprises four writing tasks as indicated below.
Q. 4 A short composition of upto 50 words in the form of a Notice, Message or Diary Entry. 4 Marks
Q. 5 A composition of upto 100 words in the form of  Biographical sketch, Data Interpretation, Dialogue
writing or Description (people, Objects or Events) 6 Mark
Q. 6 An extended writing task of length upto 120 words in the form of a Formal/Informal  Letter or Email. 7 Marks

Q. 7 An extended writing task of length upto 150 words in the form of an Article, Speech,  Report or Story. 8 Marks
(Qs 6 & 7 will make use of a visual/ verbal stimulus.)

SECTION C: GRAMMAR    [ 20 Marks]

This section will carry 5 questions of 4 marks each.
Questions 8 & 9 will have Multiple Choice Questions. The test types for MCQs include the following:

• Gap filling
• Sentence completion
• Dialogue completion
Questions 10,11 & 12 will include the following:
• Sentence reordering
• Editing
• Omission
• Sentence transformation

The syllabus for SAII  English: Language and Literature is as follows:

Q 5 Letter Writing: One out of two letters (formal/informal/email) in not more than 120- 150 words
based on verbal stimulus and context provided.

Types of letter: Informal - personal, such as to family and friends.
Formal - letters to the editor / the principal of a school.
Email - formal letters to principal of the school or to the editor of a Newspaper or a Magazine.8 Marks

Q 6 Writing an article, speech or debate based on a visual or verbal stimulus in not more than 120 words (One
out of two). 8 Marks
Q 7 Writing a short composition in the form of dialogue writing or story or report of minimum 80 words
(One out of two). 4 Marks

• This section will carry five questions of three marks each
• Out of five questions two questions (question 8 and 9) carrying 6 marks will have MCQs of three marks
each .The test types for MCQs include:
• Gap filling
• Sentence completion

•Dialogue Completion

The Grammar syllabus will include the following areas in class X:
1. Tenses
2. Modals (have to/had to, must, should, need, ought to and their negative forms)
3. Use of passive voice
4. Subject - verb concord
5. Reporting
(i) Commands and requests
(ii) Statements
(iii) Questions
6. Clauses:
(i) Noun clauses
(ii) Adverb clauses of condition and time
(iii) Relative clauses
7. Determiners, and
8. Preposition

Hope this helps!

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