Meritnation experts i did not understand the ans clearly plz explain me again

Dear Student, 

Velocity = Displacement/time

Now, displacement is the change in position of object. Distance is the magnitude of distance covered by an object.
Distance equals to displacement when motion is unidirectional. 
When direction of motion changes, distance is not equal to displacement.

For a wave, the motion is unidirectional. So, displacement in case of wave is equal to distance covered by it.

Hence, velocity can be given as distance/time.


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My question was how come velocity is equal to distance by time ?????this is.wrong formula i did not understand the ans of that meritnation expert

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In this question why there is no change in direction ?????i did not understand that also
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See as per my knowledge the formula has to be velocity is equal to displacement upon time not distance upon time so i think there is a printing error in my question???
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I need an expert to explain me this concept clearly i am confused totally
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