Ministry of surface transport and Delhi police are together organising writing competition on the topic 'need for road safety ' as part of their ' Road safety weak ' celebrations. write an article in about 100 to 120 words taking idea from MCB unit 'education'

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Given below are few points that will help you frame a complete answer.
  • Road safety is one of the significant lessons that should be taught to the people within our society, and especially to our youth.
  • Most of the young people enjoy driving at high speed and this leads to rash driving.
  • It is important that an awareness is created among the youth and children and they must be taught about the worth of human life.
  • In schools, students should not be allowed to commute on two-wheelers, except by cycle.
  • Students, below the age of eighteen, who travel on bikes and scooters, must be severely punished.
  • Parents of such students must be compelled to pay a fine on behalf of their children.
  • Safety seat belts, as the name suggests are designed for the purpose of safety of the passengers and the driver.
  • Many times, the passengers are reluctant to wear the seat belts, because of the inconvenience caused.
  • The wearing of the seat belt prepares the people in the face of any unseen circumstance.
  • Most of the times, there are drivers who drive recklessly on the roads.
  • Sudden braking can lead to fatal accidents.
  • However, if a person has the seat belt on, he will be strapped to the seat of the car.
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