Mobile phone of today is no longer a mere means of communication. Music lovers are
so glued to it that they don’t pay attention even to the traffic while crossing the
roads. This leads to accidents sometimes even fatal ones.
Write a speech in 150-200 words to be delivered in the morning assembly advising the
students to be careful in the use of this otherwise very useful gadget. Imagine you are
Principal of your school.

Dear Student, 
Kindly follow the prescribed format of speech writing and write the following content:
  • Intro- "Technology is just a tool and it must be used as one and not be allowed become a master." This quote holds absolutely true for today' generation who is slowly becoming a slave to modern gadgets like mobile phones. A few years ago it was television that attracted attention but now cell phones have joined the team. Unconcerned of the surroundings, youngsters are found gripped in these gadgets. These days a very popular advertisement relays on TV where a man lost his life just because he was taking a selfie while riding his bike. This is a clear indication of how mobile phones can take one's life. Also, the famous 'Blue Whale Game' is mention worthy in this context.
  • Body- Many are in the habit of listening music while crossing the road, due to which they do not hear the horns or notice the oncoming cars. A lot of youngsters are dying because of all this and if not this, then they have to live with a disability due to accident.
  • Conclusion- I request you Children to understand that you have your whole life ahead if you follow safety. Gadgets are meant to help us not lead us to death. Use them as a tool and stay safe. 
Hope this information will clear your doubts about this topic. 

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