Make the sentences polite but using could, would you like or may.

1.Each one give twelve afghanis.
2.Tell me how to get to the nearest bus stop.
3.I want to buy some clothe for embroidery.
4.I want to borrow your book on dervla murphy. you want me to help you with your origami project.
6.Do you want me to get the medicines from the chemist.

Plzz answer these questions.
I have exam tmrw.

1.Could you pls give each one twelve afghanis?
2.May I know the way to go to the nearest bus stop?
3.Would you liketo buy some clothe for embroidery?
4.Would you like to give me your book on dervla murphy?
​5.May I help you in your origami project?
6.May I get the medicines from the chemist?

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Thank u sweet sahityaal
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It's okay @sweet sahitya.
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