"money can't buy all goods and services that one need to live well". explain

"money cant buy all goods and services that one need to live well "

1) there are many things which money alone cant buy .
2) security , friendship , happiness , freedom etc cannot be obtained by money.
3) for example if there are two options -
  option A - has job security , fixed working hours , allows paid leaves provides freedom, but has lower wages than option B.
  option B - has no job security , no  fixed working hours , does not allow holidays , but provided higher wages than option A .
4) The idle job anyone would choose would be option A though the wages are low.
5) Thus money cannot buy all goods and services that one needs to live well. 
6)  we do need money but money cant buy you happiness , security , fraternity , secularity and happiness.
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cannot afford us to buy healthy environment and society
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Money cannot buy all goods and services . When our health became bad we need money but family - friends also important .😶😶
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Define per capita income
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Hey there, The sentence "money can't buy all goods and services that one need to live well" means money can not buy everything. You can buy anything that has a price on it but you can not buy health. If you have money and your really sick what will you do. You have to be fit.
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Money by itself is not a comletely adequate indicator of material goods and services that citizens are able to use. It cannot buy a polllution-free environment or ensure that you get unadulterated medicines. It can't protect you from infectious disease.
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Click on the image and u will get the answer..
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Click on the image and you will get the answer.
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(i) Money or material things that one can buy with it is one factor on which our life depends. But the quality of our life also depends upon non-material things like equal treatment, freedom, security, respect of others, etc. (ii) Money cannot buy us a pollution free environment, unadulterated medicines, peace, etc. (iii) There are many facilities like schools, colleges, parks, hospitals which an individual cannot afford. All these are to be provided by the government/society. (iv) Money possessed by an individual even can not provide us a type of government which take decisions for the welfare of the common people.
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Money cannot buy respect freedom friendship and happiness Money cannot buy pollution free environment Money cannot protect us from disease
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There are many economic as well as non economic factors which contribute to the human development . Living a long and healthy life To have education, information and knowledge Enjoying a decent standard of living Enjoying basic fundamental rights like freedom, security,education etc To have equality and enjoyment of human rights.
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I don't know
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1. Income by itself is not for us a pollution free environment or ensure that you get unadulterated medicines,unless we can afford tonshift to a community that already has all these things. 2. Money may also not be able to protect us from infectious diseases,unless the whole of our community takes preventuve steps. 3. The average person in Punjab has more incomr than the average person in Kerala but lags behind,many crucial areas such as literacy rate , infant mortality rate etc.
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1. It cannot buy pollution free environment for us. 2. It may not be able to protect us from infectious diseases . 3. It cannot buy non-material things such as equal treatment, freedom, security, etc. 4. It cannot generate love and respect for us. 5. For eg. - if a person has to join a job and has two options with following features - (a) job security, fixed working hours, facilities for family, opportunity to learn (b) offer higher wages than (a) but has no. job security and no facilities for family 6. The person will choose option(a) *Conclusion* : Money in your pocket cannot buy all the goods and services that you may need to live well
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Money is important for a comfortable life but it is not the only thing. All the money would be useless if person does not have access to quality health services. If good schools are not provided in the neighborhood then it would be difficult to give proper education to the children. From all of these conditions we can conclude that money cannot buy all goods and services.
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