'Money in your pocket cannot buy all the goods and services that you may need to live well.' Explain. Give examples.

a. Money may help an individual to get his basic necessities fulfilled but may not be able to give him emotional, social and Psychological contentment. 
b. There are other factors that account's for person's growth and development other than money. 
c. Such factors allows for the complete development of individual's personality. 
d. Non material things are important to lead a dignified life. 
e. Non material aspects like respect, equal treatment, no discrimination are important to lead a quality life. 
f. A sense of security , self esteem, are all essential goals of life which are required to fulfil individuals Psychological needs 
g.. For example, a good job, with high pay package but no time for family, not a healthy work environment really hamper one's progress and development in life. A job must offer a balance between personal and professional growth. 
h. Similarly, we may give example of a person who is a Schedule caste who constantly struggles to get that respect from the society members.

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1) per capita income of Punjab is higher than Kerala but still it lacks behind in education and health facilities.
2) in Kerala out of 1000 children born alive ,11 die before completing one year of age but in Punjab the proportion of children dying is 49 ,which is nearly 5 times more. Money or higher per capita income cannot buy a pollution free environment
3) money cannot buy peace and democracy
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