Mother's day summary

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In the story Mrs. Pearson is continuously disregarded by her husband and children. Every day, she receives ignorance and pity from her children, Doris and Cyril. Even her husband, George, does not pay attention to the children’s misbehaviour towards their mother. One day, she meets Mrs. Fitzgerald, an old lady and a fortune teller by profession. She explains the terrible treatment she gets from her family members. Mrs. Fitzgerald decides that those good-for-nothing fellows must be taught a lesson. This is where the story starts taking a new turn. Mrs. Fitzgerald is capable of using and casting charms on others. She wants to see what actually happens in the family and how they treat Mrs. Pearson. She tells Mrs. Pearson her plan. Mrs. Pearson is scared of the consequences but Mrs. Fitzgerald tells her to rely on her. She casts a spell and exchanges her personality with that of Mrs. Pearson. She then enters her home along with Mrs. Fitzgerald (actually Mrs. Pearson). She starts drinking wine and smoking cigarettes inside. Doris enters and orders her mom to iron a dress. She denies it and starts makes fun of her boyfriend. Doris feels miserable in front of Mrs. Fitzgerald and starts crying. Later, Cyril enters and asks their mother to prepare tea. She again reacts in a repulsive way. Cyril finds that his sister is also crying for her mother’s rude behaviour. Cyril then tries to insult Mrs. Fitzgerald and tells his mom to mind her language.
His mother did not even listen and starts to revolt. She says that she will not work on the weekends as she will party with her friends. It was then Mr. Pearson enters the room and sees his wife drinking. When he objects, Mrs. Pearson says that she can drink wine whenever she wants. She also tells him that the friends whom he goes to meet every day, make fun of him when he is not there. Mrs. Fitzgerald (actually Mrs. Pearson) is unable to take this anymore. She requests the actual Mrs. Fitzgerald to return back to normal. Mrs. Fitzgerald teaches a good lesson to George, Doris, and Cyril. She also reminds them of how miserable they felt for a few minutes. This was exactly what Mrs. Pearson has felt for years. Everyone in the family understands how much Mrs. Pearson was sacrificing and was being ignored. They stop behaving badly with her and respect her from then onwards.


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