Mr.A, the general manager of Talbros ltd. has to sit long after office hours, to clear the files. Sometimes he has to take the files at home. this delays many actions. Sometimes the lower mangers keep waiting for decisions.(i) What maybe the consequences if the delay in his actions(ii) What are the options open to Mr.A (6marks)

Hey Athulya,

According to the above situation, 

1. As the General Manager is unable to communicate the decisions effectively to the middle and lower management, this reduces the decision making power of the organisation and makes it difficult for the organisation to adapt to the vigorous business environment. It also proves to be fatal for the growth opportunities of the firm as with sluggish flow of information, the response from the other departments will also take time, which intend to slow down the essential operations of a firm thus hindering the profit capabilities of the organisation.

2. The options that the manager can resort to is that he can Delegate some of his work to his subordinates. As the subordinates will perform the tasks on behalf of  a manager, it will reduce the workload of the manager and he can
concentrate on priority areas and also venture into new areas. This freedom from the routine tasks enhances the efficiency of the managers. With quick decision making and effective management the work can be done efficiently and also facilitates the growth of the employees along with the overall growth of the company.

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