Mr. Otis offers a lubricating liquid to the ghost when he hears the clanking of metal chains? What light does it throw on the character of Mr. Otis?

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Much like the rest of the family, Mr. Otis's behaviour towards the ghost is also unusual. By offering the oil and not getting scared, he is either being very brave or very foolish by treating the matter with such levity. It also shows that he was educated and he feels that he has no need to be afraid of the ghost. By offering it oil, we see that he is a man who likes his silence and will not allow even the ghost to ruin his sleep. 


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just the points,
  •  materialistic
  •  on the lowest material plane - does not get petrified of the ghost is worried for his sleep
  •  ignorant of ghosts and psychical phenomena
  •  proud of modernty of Americans
  •  Practical in nature
  •  general character : American minister, Republican, Patriotic
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