Mr. Rao of 43, Nehru Nagar , Chennai , a retired lecturer in chemistry is planning to start a coaching centre , offering specialised guidance for competitive examination . Draft a suitable advertisement in not more than 50 words giving necessary details . .........kindly reply's urgent ..... !!!!

Coaching center in Nehru Nagar providing specialised coaching for cracking JE examination by well qualified and experienced faculty, headed by retired Chemistry lecturer of Chennai University starting from 1 April. For details regarding courses, timings, fees contact Mr Rao, phone: 9874653201

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A centre for school children to groom children to groom their personalities and enhance their knowledge of chemistry will start from 1st April, 16. Registrations  are open from 25th Feb, 16. The total fee for one session is Rs. 5000. Contact -  Mr Rao, Nehru Nagar, Chennai, ph no.-
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