mrs.sharma adds ionised common salt to her meals as it is better than common salt mrs.varma in her family take pickle sauce processed food and junk food etc. contains lot of NaCl2and her children are suffering from hypertentionat a very young age. doctors advised her that she should take less common salt
a) why doctor advise us to take less common salt?
b) why should we avoid junkfood,processed food,pickles.
c) what values are possesed by mrs. sharma taking common salt in lesser amount?

(a) ‚ÄčLarge amount of salt in food results fluid retention. In our body when the volume of water increases, the volume of the blood increases as well and when the volume of the blood increases, so does the blood pressure. Heart does the extra work to overcome the resistance in the blood vessels. Thus, doctor advice us to take less common salt.

(b) Junk food and processed food have less nutrients and more unhealthy components that can cause several health problems like obesity, hypertension,etc.

(c) Mrs. Sharma is very particular and caring about the health of her family. She knows what her family members should eat to avoid health problems in future.

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we are advised to not eat junk food or pickel of marrket becoz the roadside food can cause a lots of problem in our stomach and we dont even know that how that food is made ....with hygine .or .not...
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