"My cares are left behind" change into active voice (3)

"My cares are left behind" change into active voice (3) 14 '5. •n burn a great Give me order. 22. Who has broken the chair? 17 19 21 24. They painted the doors green. 25. We 26. Do not laugh at a beggar. 27. 28. I cannot agree to your proposal. 29. 30. I forgive him all his faults. Exercise 46. Put the following sentences 1. A lion may be helped even by a little moue 2. The king was welcomed by the people 3. My cares are left behind. 4. He was taken for a thief. 5. He was known to be a kind man. 6. Men have been ruined by gambling. 7. War was declared against Germany by E 8. A present was brought for her by her 10' 9. By whom was this letter written? 0. We shall be cursed by everyone. The robber has been caught by the po' Why were you punished by the teache

I have left behind my cares.

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Please answer me
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Dear Pranjal,
I Left My Cars Behind.
It Is The Answer.
Hope It Helps You!!!
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Pls answer me !?????!!!
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Pls give me all answer ???
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