Name 10 examples of

Multiple motion
Rectilinear motion
Circular motion

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Multiple Motion:
When an object perform two or more types of motion at the same time, then the motion of the object is called as multiple motion.
Examples of multiple motion are-
1. Oscillation of a mass from a vertical spring is an example of straight line motion and at the same time it also exhibit simple harmonic motion. 
2. The motion of the Earth around the Sun is an example of circular motion. If the circular motion is uniform, it is periodic also. The ‚ÄčEarth move around the Sun in uniform circular motion. Thus, the Earth exhibits circular motion as well as periodic motion at the same time.
3. Vehicle performs both rotatory and translatory motions.
4. The wheels of a bicycle perform rotatory motion and the bicycle itself performs translatory motion.
5. A drill used by a carpenter shows both rotatory and translatory motions.when the drill is rotated (rotatory motion),the wood gets pierced (translatory motion).
6. A pulley used to draw water from a well also executes both rotatory and translatory motions.
7. The wheel over which the rope runs has a rotatory motion,while the bucket and the rope have translatory motion.
8. Motion of a ceiling fan is both rotatory and circular motion.
9. A person jogging in a circular path has both rectilinear motion and circular motion.
10. Pendulum of the clock performs multiple motion.
Rectilinear motion:
Straight line motion of a body is called rectilinear motion.
Examples of rectilinear motion-
1. An ant crawling on table
2. an apple falling from a tree.
3. water flowing from a tap.
4. a car on a straight road.
5. parade of Army soldier.
6. rocket just launched.
7. a girl pulling her toy with the thread.
8. a bicycle running on a straight road.
9. a bike going in a straight road.
10. a boy going straight way.
Circular Motion:
Circular motion is that motion in which a body moves along a circular path.
Examples of circular motion are-
1. A car moving on a circular track
2. A child sitting in a merry go round
3. Motion of a wheel.
4. A stone tied to a string.
5. Artificial satellite orbiting earth.
6. Turning of a car around a curve.
7. Earth revolving around the sun
8. Ferris wheel
9. Rotation of fan
10. A stone tied to a string and rotated

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