Name a method to _
A) Reduce friction
B) Increase friction

Method of decreasing and increasing friction

Method of decreasing friction:

By polishing

Methods of increasing friction:

By making the surface rough friction can be increased. Examples of increasing friction-the tyres of a motor car and bicycles are made rough to increase the friction .when a ground or surface become slippery after rain or water splashing it is made rough by spreading sand to increase the friction.

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To Decrease Friction
  • Ball-bearing:  As the rolling friction less than the sliding friction consequently in rotating machinery, the shafts are fixed on the ball bearing so that the friction can be reduced considerably. For example-the free wheel of a cycle, the axle of a motorcar, the shafts of the motor dynmo etc. are provided with ball-bearing.
  • To Increase Friction
  • By making the surface rough friction can be increased.
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ways to reduce friction
1-by applying oil 
2-by greasing
ways to increasing friction
1- by increasing irregularities on the surface 
2-by spreading sand
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