Name any 3 acids..

Citric acid lactic acid
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The last ascorbic acid
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Dear student.

Name of three acids are following.
1.hydrochloric acid 2.sulfuric acid 3.phosphoric acid
These are very strong in nature.

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citric acid nitric acid and oxalic acid
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Citric acid
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Acid present in substance like
?? Apple -Malic acid
?? Orange -Citric acid
?? Lemon -Citric acid
?? Graps -Tartaric acid
?? Tea -Tannic acid
Vinager -Acetic acid
Curd. -Lactic acid
Tapioca -Hydrocyanic acid
Soda water -Carbonic acid
Soft drinks - Phosphoric acid

I hope you understand ??????
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Thanks to all
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Acetic acid
Carbonic acid
Sulphric acid
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carbonoic and sulpheric acid 
hope that it will help you
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sulphric acid
Citric acid
lactic acid
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