name any two diseases caused by microorganism in plant and animal?

in plants - citrus canker and yellow vein mosaic

in animals - anthrax and foot and mouth disease

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Pathogens & Anopheles

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In  plants  -

  • Citrus  canker  is  caused  by  a  kind  of  bacteria.
  • Rust  of  wheat  is  caused  by  a  kind  of  fungi.

In  animals  -

  • Foot  and  mouth  disease  is  caused  by  a  type  of  virus.
  • Anthrax  is  caused  by  a  type  of  bacteria.
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 In animals:

Foot and Mouth Disease;Anthrax and Aspergillosis

In Plants:

Rust disease and Yellow vein mosaic

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in animals it cause anthrax and aspergillosis

in plants it cause rust ,yellow vein mosaic

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anthrax and aspergillios


rust and yellow vein mosaic

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1.citrus cankar by bacteria

2.rust of wheat by fungi


1.anthrax by bacterium

2.foot and mouth disease by virus

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1 rusting of wheat by fungi

2 cirtrus by bacteria


anthrax by bacteriim

mouth disease by virus

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In Animals:

Foot And Mouth Disease;Anthrax And Aspergillosis

In Plants:

Rust Disease And Yellow Vein Mosaic

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in animals

foot and mouth and anthrax

in plants

ascomycetes and basidiomycetes

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In plants:Cucumber mosaic virus,Tobacco mosaic virus.

In animals:Feline viral rhinotracheitis,Anthrax.


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in plants diseases caused by bacteria  are citrus canker caused by bacteria through air.
rust of wheat by fungi through air and seeds.
in animals  are anthrax (bacteria) and foot and mouth disease(virus) hope this helps
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Citrus canker and rust of wheat
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Some diseases infecting animals are : antharx , tuberculosis Some diseases infecting plants are : blight, red rot, wilt etc
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