Name some notable economists who estimated India’s per capita income during the colonial period.

As the British government was never interested in upliftment of our country, so they never took any initiative to measure India’s national and per capita income. Though some of the economists tried to estimate India’s national income and per capita income during the colonial rule, but the results are mixed and conflicting. The following are some of the notable economists who were engaged in estimation of national income and per capita income:

i. Dadabhai Naroji

ii. William Digbay

iii. Findlay Shirras

iv. V.K.R.V Rao

v. R.C. Desai

Out of these, V.K.R.V Rao's estimates are considered to be significant. Most of these studies revealed that Indian economy grew at even less than two percent during 1900-50 with half per cent growth in per capita output per year.

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