name the four fibre crops grown in India ? which one of them is not directly obtained from the crop ? what is the name given to the process involved in its production ?

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cotton , jute , hemp , flax , sisal , coir  and ramie .
jute is not directly obtained from the stem of the jute plant , the process involved in it's production is termed as  ' retting ' .
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Sorry this is not the write one 
 The ans is silk
 The term is sericulture
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1. JUTE,  2. COTTON, 3.FLAX ,4.SISAL ..
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through a process of retting we can obtain jute fibre from jute stem
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the fibre crops grown in india are cotton;jute;hemp;silk. silk is not obtained from crop;it is obtained from cuccons of silkworm.The process is known as sericulture
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The ans is silk —-sericulture
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Jute, flex ,hamp,cotton
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India is top producer country of many crops. The major crops in India can be divided into four categories viz. Food grains (Rice, Wheat, Maize, Millets and Pulses), Cash Crops (Cotton, Jute, Sugarcane, Tobacco, and Oilseeds), Plantation Crops (Tea, Coffee, Coconut and, Rubber) and Horticulture crops such as Fruits and Vegetables.
On the basis of seasons, the crops in India have been divided into Rabi, Kharif and Zaid crops.


Rabi, Kharif and Zaid Crops in India
Kharif crops
Rabi Crops
Zaid Crop
Food grains
Coarse Cereals / Millets
Cash Crops
India?s Sugarcane Production
Plantation Crops
Rabi, Kharif and Zaid Crops in India
Kharif crops
The Kharif crop is the summer crop or monsoon crop in India. Kharif crops are usually sown with the beginning of the first rains in July, during the south-west monsoon season. Major Kharif crops of India include Millets (Bajra & Jowar), Cotton, Soyabean, Sugarcane, Turmeric, Paddy (Rice), Maize, Moong (Pulses), Groundnut, Red Chillies, etc.

Rabi Crops
The Rabi crop is the spring harvest or winter crop in India . It is sown in October last and harvested in March April every year. Major Rabi crops in India include Wheat, Barley, Mustard, Sesame, Peas etc.

Zaid Crop
This crop is grown in some parts of country during March to June. Prominent examples are Muskmelon, Watermelon, Vegetables of cucurbitacae family such as bitter gourd, pumpkin, ridged gourd etc.
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Four fibre crops are :
(1) Cotton (2)Jute (3)Hemp (4)Natural Silk
Natural Silk is not obtained directly.
It is sericulture. In this silk is obtained from cocoons of silkworm fed on green leaves specially mulberry
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1.Hemp, jute, cotton and silk fibre.
2.Silk fibre.
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