name the part of the eye responsible for its shape

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Vitreous chamber is responsible for shape of eye.
Vitreous chamber is full of a thick, transparent, jelly like substance, the vitreous humour. The humours maintain the shape of the eyeball by keeping it inflated with their hydrostatic pressure. They also support the lens and help in focussing light rays too.


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There is no such part in our couse
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Vitreous Humour The vitreous humour is a gel-like substance that helps to keep the eyeball in its proper, circular shape. This is the area in the eye where floaters develop as pieces of the vitreous humor clump together and cast shadows onto the retina.

Sclera The sclera is the white part of the eye, and its main function is to provide strength, structure, and protection for the eye. The sclera contains blood vessels that can tell an eye doctor a lot about the state of your overall health.

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SCHLERA is responsible for the shape of eye. But this is not in our course.
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There is a chamber in the eye between the lens and the retina, which is popularly known as the "Vitreous Chamber".

This chamber contains a jelly like substance called "Vitreous Humour". This substance is not absorbed by the blood (unlike the Aqueous Humour). This Vitreous Humour is responsible for giving shape to the eyeball and the eye.

The Vitreous humour also refracts light to focus them on the Macula Lutea on the retina.
It also supplies nourishment to the photosensitive layer, i.e., retina.

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Vitreous humour
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Vitreous chamber which is a jelly like substance responsible for the shape of the eye.
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Vitreous Chamber
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vitrous chamber
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