Name the sequence identified by EcoRI. What kind of cuts do they produce? Mention its significance.

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Restriction endonucleases are the enzymes produced by bacteria that recognize and cleave at a specific sequence in the polynucleotide chain and not the ends defined by 3-OH or 5’ phosphoryl groups.
  • Example:­ EcoR1 recognises and cleaves the site

  • Restriction enzymes cut a little away from the centre of pallindrome site, but between the same two bases on the opposite strands.

  • As a result, overhangs (called sticky ends) are generated on each strand.

  • Sticky ends form hydrogen bonds with their complementary counterparts with help of DNA ligases. 
    Thus EcoR1 produces Sticky cuts which are helpful in cloning because they hold two pieces of DNA together so they can be linked by DNA ligase.


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