Name the two types of immunity in human body. Why are cell mediated and humoral immunity so called?

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Two types of immunity inhuman body- cell-mediated immunity and humoral immunity. 

Cell-mediated immunity is the type of response that allows cells of our immune system (T cells) to recognize the infected cells in our body. The T cells seek out these cells, and destroy them, thereby killing the infectious agent within them. As it involves cells of immune system, it is called cell-mediated immunity.

Humoral immune response refers to a response by certain cells of the immune system (B cells) which have the ability to make antibodies. Antibodies are proteins that have a particular ability to bind to a foreign protein.

B cells release antibodies into the blood plasma, tissue fluid and lymph. As the antibodies are released into fluids and the attack on microorganisms takes place in the fluid, this type of immunity is described as humoral ('humor' means fluid). 

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