Name the type of flowers produced by Viola (Pansy). How do they differ from each other.​

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Two types of flowers are produced by Viola. They are:
  • Chasmogamous flowers 
  • Cleistogamous flowers

The differences between the two are:
  • Chasmogamous flowers have exposed anthers and stigma whereas Cleistogamous flowers are closed and the anthers and stigma are close to each other and never exposed to the environment.
  • Chasmogamous flowers can undergo both cross and self pollination whereas cleistogamous flowers can only undergo self-pollination.
  • Pollinating agency is required in chasmogamous flowers whereas no external pollinationg agency is required in cleistogamous flowers
  • The flowers are prominent in chasmogamous flowers whereas they are indistinguishable in cleistogamous flowers.

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