Name the types of interaction in each of the following:
(a) Sucker fish attacked to shark
(b) Smaller barnacles disappear when Balanus dominated in coast of Scotland
(c) Sea anemone found on shoe flower plant
(d) Mycorrhiza living on roots of higher plants

Dear student, (a) Sucker fish attached to shark is commensalism- Commensalism is defined as the relationship between the two organisms in which one is getting benefit while the other is not affected (neither benefit nor harmed). (b) Smaller barnacles disappeared when balanus dominated in the coast of Scotland is competition- Competition is an interaction between individuals of closely related species where both species compete for the same resources. Competition occurs only in closely related species wherein they share the same type of habitat and food resources. However, for competition to take place resources need not be always scarce and competition does not necessarily take place between same species. In competition, the fitness of one species is significantly lower in presence of another species and survival of fittest ultimately takes place. (c) Sea anemone found on shoe flower plant is parasitism- It is defined as the type of biological interaction in which one organisms feeds upon host for his survival and derive benefits without killing the host. Further, the host gets some harmful effects from it. (d) Mycorrhiza living on roots of higher plants is Mutualism- Mutualism or symbiosis is the association of two organisms, such that both are benefited from the association. Regards.

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