name the types of verb and where they are use ?

Linking verbs are used to connect the subject of the verb to the additional information provided about the subject.

Here are a few instances for your better understanding:

  • He felt a bit drowsy after taking the medicine.
  • She is very silly.
  • Gunnu can read two novels at a time.

For phrasal verbs, follow the mentioned link:

A transitive verb is a verb that denotes an action which passes over from the doer or subject to an object.

Example: The mother fed the baby;

He filled up the form;

They enjoyed the party, etc.

An intransitive verb denotes an action which does not pass over to an object, or which expresses a state or being, such as:

He ran a long distance;

The balloon burst in the sky;

Please keep quiet, etc.

A matter needs to be noted here that most verbs can be used both as transitive and as intransitive verbs. It is, therefore, better to say that a verb is used transitively or intransitively rather than that it is transitive or intransitive.


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