Name to socialist parties of russia with their Aims

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a. ​The Russian Social Democratic Workers Party was founded in 1898 based on Marxist ideology.
b. The party was divided over the role of Peasants, while Russian socialist argued that Peasants would lead the revolution, the ​Social Democrats disagreed with the socialist over the role of Peasants.
c. They instead under the leadership of Lenin argued that it would be the workers who would take the lead role in revolution as peasants were not a united group. some were rich , some were poor, some were labourers.
d. They  also differed over strategy , while the faction led by Lenin wanted the party to be disciplined , others wanted it to be open to all.

Then we may also give example of Socialist Revolutionary Party that struggled for the rights of the peasants and demanded land to be transferred to the peasants from the nobility.


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Socialist Revolutionary Party, Russian Sotsialisty Revolyutsionery (SR, or ESERY), Russian political ... The two principal socialist parties, the Socialist?

The Russian Social Democratic Labour Party also known as the Russian Social Democratic Workers' Party or the Russian Social Democratic Party, was a revolutionary socialist?...

Bolsheviks group
Their aim- They wanted the Russian revolution to happen.
Mensheviks group
Their aim-They opposed the idea of Russian revolution.
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Bolsheviks group-they wanted the russian revolutionary to happen
Mensheviks group- they opposed the idea of russian revolutionary
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