name two techniques involved in cońtrolled breeding experiments?

These are carried out using artificial insemination and Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer Technology (MOET).
(i) Artificial Insemination (Al):
The semen of superior male is collected and injected into the reproductive tract of the selected female by the breeder. The semen can be used immediately or can be frozen for later use. When a bull inseminates a cow naturally approximately 5 to 10 billion sperms are deposited in the vagina. However, when semen is deposited artificially, considerably fewer sperms are required to achieve conception. Therefore, artificial insemination is very eco­nomical. The spread of certain diseases can be controlled by this method.
(ii) Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer Technology (MOET):
In this method, hormones (with FSH-like activity) is given to the cow for inducing follicular maturation and super ovulation instead of one egg, which they usually give per cycle, they produce 6-8 eggs. The cow is either mated with a best bull or artificially inseminated. The embryoes at 8-32 cell stage are recovered and transferred to surrogate mothers.
The genetic mother is available for another super ovulation. MOET has been done in cattle, sheep, rabbits, buffaloes, mares, etc. High milk giving breeds of females and high quality (lean meat with less lipid) meet giving bulls have been bred successfully to obtain better breed in a short time.


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