name what kinds of sentences are there

On the basis of purpose, there are four types of sentences:

1. Declarative sentence: A sentence that makes a statement or asserts a fact is a known as a declarative sentence. It can either be positive (or affirmative) or negative. For example:

I will go on a holiday. (Affirmative)

I will not go out in the rain. (Negative)


2. Interrogative sentence: A sentence that poses a question is an interrogative sentence. For example:

Where is the teacher?

Have you met my mother?


3. Imperative sentence: A sentence that expresses a command or a request is known as an imperative sentence. For example:

Please close the door.

Be quiet..


4. Exclamatory sentence: A sentence that expresses a strong feeling is known as an exclamatory sentence. For example:

Yippee! We are going on a trip.

Oh! I am sorry to hear that.

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When we discuss the "Type" of sentence, we're discussing how it is builT.  There are four types of sentences:

1) Simple - One independent clause --- [I run.]

  • A simple sentence is a sentence with only one complete thought.  It must have a subject and a predicate.  It may have either a simple subject or a compound subject.  It may also have either a simple predicate or a compound predicate.

  • ex: My back aches. [simple subject, simple predicate]

  •   My muscles and my eyes hurt. [compound subject, simple predicate]

  •   My face looks blue and feels stiff. [simple subject, compound predicate]

  •   My face and hair look and feel terrible. [compound subject, compound predicate]

  • A simple sentence may also contain one or more phrases, but no dependent clauses.

  • ex: I must be getting a case of the flu. [simple subject: I; simple predicate: must be getting; phrase: a case of the flu]

2) Compound - Two or more independent clauses --- [I run] and [I jump.]

3) Complex - one independent clause and one or more dependent clauses --- [When I am chased,] [I run.]

4) Compound-Complex - two or more independent clauses and one or more dependent clauses ---  [When I am chased,] [I run.] and [I jump.]

(click the following link to learn about clauses)


When we discuss the "kinD" of sentence, we're discussing what the sentence Does.  There are four kinds of sentences:

1) Declarative - makes a statement or gives information; ends with a period --- Flowers smell nice.

2) Exclamatory - expresses strong feeling; ends with an exclamation point --- This is fun! --- I'm really scared!

3) Imperative - gives a command; ends with a period or an exclamation point --- Hand me the fly swatter, please. --- Get down from there!

4) Interrogative - asks a question; ends with a question mark --- How are you today?

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There can be many types of sentences - interrogative {?}, exclamatory {!} 

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well there various types of sentences depending on the punctuation marks , the way they r said etc...

1. assertive sentence : Also known as declarative sentence ...these sentences give us confirm information          ex. Mehak goes to school

2. interrogative sentences : Also known as questioning sentences... 

ex. Why didnt mehak go to school?

3. imperative sentence :  these senteces contain requests , commands , advice etc..

ex . Mehak , dont talk too much.

4.exclamatory sentence: these sentence usually have an exclamatory mark.

ex. Wow! what a beautiful dress u r wearing Mehak.


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