narrate in brief the conditions under which gullier was granted liberty ?

becz i don't know

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The conditions under which Gulliver was granted libety were: (a) The man-mountain was not to depart without a licence under the seal. (b) He should not tread the city streets without permission and that too after inhabitantswere forewarned. (c) The man-mountain would confine his walks to principal high roads and not loiterin meadow or field of corn. (d) Man-mountain was required to take utmost care not to trample upon the bodies ofthe loving subjects. (e) Man-mountain was required to keep messeanger and horse and return them everyweek. (f) Man-mountain to be an ally against the enemies of the empire. (g) Man-mountain to assist workmen in civil walk. (h) Main-mountain was to get a daily allowance of meat and drink equal to the diet of

1724 Lilliputians for his service.

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What were the things gullivers was asked to part with
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