narrate your experience when u were sick & confined to bed for a week & had to.miss an important competition for which you have been preparing for a long time essay

it's been a month since when i was discharged from the hospital."And the 1st prize go to...". oh! i can't forget what happened. i practised everyday for this and even my family complimented me that how hard i'm working b ut' seeing other student taking the prize is making me sad and a bit jealous. i  can recall everything what happened to me before last month.
that day after coming from practise i was feeling vertigo and like i will vomit everything that i just ate. late night i my temperature was high than usual. soon i vomited everything that i ate for dinner. my parents
took me to hospital. after few tests doctor told that i was having malaria. i cannot and never forget the moment when the nurse bought the injection. it was literally like nightmare. i was hospitalised for a week. every day, morning and evening, noon and night i got injections
one night i was bored and call my bestfriend disha. she told that my coach took someone else as performer for the competition. i cried, then i memorized that i worked so hard for it. disha also told that the prformer is not good as me then too they selected her. 
after that i got discharged and the competion was already over. oh! from now i will take care of my health and will not concentrate on this stuff more.
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