Narrator owes a power of imagination and describing things. Suggest your answer with atleat two incidents. ( From-THE THREE MEN IN A BOAT) 

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Your question does not specify which situation you are referring to. However, given below is a probable answer to your question.

The use of language that is appropriate as well as descriptive is what makes the novel outstanding. The ability of the author to express his ideas and thoughts and to use humour in most situations, captures the attention of the people and makes the reading of the novel a special one. He coins the vocabulary in perfect harmony with the situation.  Jerome seems to be an open-minded person who readily exposes the thoughts in his mind and also expresses his feelings before his friends. He is genuine and has considerate feelings towards others. One example of this is his feelings towards the man who loses balance while punting. He does not appreciate the attitude of others who mock him. Also, J has a good sense of humour, which is to a large extent, the reason for the success of the novel. T​he 11th chapter talks about the incident where Jerome falls into the water accidently. This shows the determination of the author even in the face of a difficulty. He does not give up or complain about the situation.

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