Natalya and Ivan argued about the ownership of Oxen Meadows and the superiority of their respective dogs in the play, The Proposal.
Imagine yourself as the playwright of the play. Based on your understanding of the
personality traits of Natalya and Ivan, write a dialogue based on an imaginary event, show casing another argument between them.


Scene: Natalya enters Ivan's house red-faced.

Natalya: Your peasants have entered my meadow. Why have you allowed them to wander around?

Ivan: My peasants are busy harvesting the crop. They are not so idle to wander around trespassing your property. Why do you have to blame me for everything?

Natalya: It happened in the middle of the night. I saw somebody stealthily trying to carry away bundles of hay.

Ivan: You should have made some noise them. What gives you the presumption that they were my peasants.

Natalya: Oh with all that shortage of fodder on your farm, I am sure they were your peasants. They ran away before I came out. Make sure this does not repeat.

Angry at Ivan, Natalya leaves his house.

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