naveen sets up a circuit for the purification on copper. identify the following:
a. electrode A connected to positive terminal of the battery
​b.electrode B connected to negative terminal of the battery
c.the solution
d. is it safe for the electrician to carry out electrical repairs outdoor during heavy downpour? justify your answer.
e.why is electroplating needed in automobile industry? name two metals used for it.

Are these answers correct?
a.anode (impure metal)
b.cathode (pure metal)
c.copper sulphate(CuSO4), it is not safe, as the rainwater is not pure, it contains impurities. impure water is a good conductor of electricity whereas pure water is a bad conductor of electricity. he may get an electric shock and may lead to his death.
e.metals that corrode easily are coated with another metal that doesn't corrode easily. eg.nickel,chromium.

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