Need an essay on "The need to conserve forests" immediately.

The numerous points you might want to include in your answer are:


* The ecosystem gets disturbed with every new step of human beings towards technological developments.

* When habitat within a region is lost or degraded and the total area of that habitat declines, there is a rapid lo ss of species and disruption of ecological processes.

* Imported farm animals, predators brought in to control native pests, and accidental stowaways can severely harm native flora and fauna and upset ecological equilibrium.

* Extensive expansion of arable land, depletion of vegetation, soil erosion, siltation of water bodies and loss of soil productivity attributed to negative impacts on the fauna of an area.

* Soil erosion and afforestation also increases the fear of devastation level due to natural calamities like earthquakes, etc.


Hope these help!

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Here are the points;

 . if we conserve forest only we can get the purest form of air to breath. 

 . forest protect the soil from soil erosion.

 .in branches of leaves & small holes birds make their nests.

 .the forest provide fodder ,wood to the forest people.

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