Need for Urgent Repair of Classroom

Q. Write a letter to the principal of your school requesting him to get your classroom repaired as it has been in a bad condition for some time now. You are Anil of ABC Public School, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi-59.


Examination Hall

New Delhi-110062


Nov 25, 20xx


The Principal

ABC Public School

Uttam Nagar

New Delhi-110059


Dear sir,


Subject: Need of urgent repair of the classroom assigned to VIII-C


With due respect, I would like to draw your kind attention towards the poor condition of our classroom that is room no. 15 on the first floor of the school building.

Our classroom is in need of urgent repair. There is dampness in the walls and the roof. It not only smells bad but the plaster has also started coming off the walls. This may pose health hazards in the approaching winter. Moreover, students cannot concentrate on their lessons with uncomfortable surroundings.

As it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to continue studying in the classroom, I request you to arrange for our classroom to get repaired at the earliest. Meanwhile, please assign another classroom to us.


Yours sincerely,


Class VIII-C



Is this format of writting letter is correct or wrong

Dear Student,

Your format is correct.


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According to CISCE board this format of writting letter is wrong if we write this format in exams we will loose marks .
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