"need of measurement in every day life" explain in your words.

Measurement is very useful in innumerable ways. For example, architecture and construction rely deeply upon the accuracy of measurement made for the development of tall buildings and bridges. Pharmacists and chemists heavily depend upon the measurement for the manufacturing of drugs. Moreover, the speedometer in our vehicles measures distance per unit time, the weighing scale measures our weight, for cooking purpose the measuring cups are used to measure volume,  thermometers are used to measure the temperature, the cost or the value of the stuffs in the stores are measure by the price tag pasted upon them. So, without accurate measurement a great deal of people’s physical activities will get crumbled.

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FROM brushing to sleeping, we have an limited period of time.we have to manage everything in just that 12 hours be it our personal work or homework or enjoyment. we have to manage each and everything in a correct duration.therefore measurement of time is veryy important.from the minute we are born and the minute when we die are both similar but the reason is different.if we have to enjoy every possibel mnute of our life. time management is very important

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