Need some explaining ??

Need some explaining ?? kinetic energy Supposc o stationary object of muss m moves because of un upplied iOrce. Let u be its the ond. time t, the velocity the becomes equal to v. The displucement this tune is s, I-he work done on the object. W = F . s According to Newton's second Of motion, ( I ) Similarly, using Newton 's second equation of motion 4 However. os initial velocity is zero. u = 0. v = at .. v: = at W = ma x at using equations (l) und (2) Using Newton's first equation of motion — at mv: using equations (3) and (4) Tile kiRetic energy gained by an object is the amount of work done on the object. : A stone having a mass of 250 is falling from a height.•How much kineti energy does hove at the moment when its velocity is 2 m/s? 2-sog x 0.25 x = 0.5 J

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