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(i) No, action taken by Mr.R is not justified. Although the primary objective of business is to earn profit but it has some social responsibility as well. Business does not exist in vacuum. It is an integral part of society it can achieve its objective only by having deep roots in the society.

(ii) Following are the social objective of business:

1. Quality Goods and Services at Fair Prices​:- It is basic social objective as well as duty of every business to provide Quality Goods and Services at reasonable prices. Profit margin should be reasonable and not too high.

2. Avoid Anti-Social and Unfair Trade Practices​:- Every businessmen should avoid Unfair Trade Practices such as black marketing, adulteration, making false claim in advertisements. Businessmen should deal in fair manner.

3. Employment Generation:- Every business should create business opportunity for its members. Goodwill of business will improve if it achieve the objective of employment generation.

4.Employee Welfare:- It is the main objective of business to provide good working condition to employees. Employees are the main assets of business and they play an important role towards the success of business.

5. Swachh Bharat:- Every business must keep in mind the prime moto of our Honerable Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi ji. They should contribute in Swacch Bharat Abhiyan started by our Honerable Minister.


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