Dear student,

Sophie belonged to a lower middle class socio-economic background. She lived in a small house with her parents and two brothers, Derek and Geoff. When she would return home after school, she would feel choked with the steam of the stove and was disgusted with the dirty dishes piled in a corner. Her mother’s back had become stooped and bent by handling all the household chores and responsibilities on her own. Her father was a hard labourer and her elder brother, Geoff, worked as an apprentice mechanic in a garage situated far away from his house. Her family wanted Sophie to join work immediately after her school. These were some of the indicators of Sophie’s family’s financial status. 
Sophie's hero worship and fantasies were in stark contrast to her status. She had fantasized about coming across a personality whom she could have never met in reality. It is not wrong to dream the impossible and work hard to achieve it but what Sophie had been dreaming of and the way she had been cooking up things in her head, it was wrong on her part. She had created a world of her own and had disconnected herself from reality. Such a behaviour would be harmful in the long run for her and her social wellbeing.


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